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What kind of date are you?
A quiz for guys

by Ali Krupin


How long was your longest relationship?
one night
a week
a month
5 months
one year
two years
three years

Have you ever been in love?
yes, I fall in love easily
what does love mean?
yes, and I'm still in love with her even though she broke my heart
not yet
every time I look into your eyes
yeah, and we are still best friends
I fall in and out of love very quickly

What are you up to now?
working for Teach America
married and working in Utah
trying to get my messed up life in order
getting a 4.0 at Stanford University
working for a computer company in New York
still hanging out at the local college even though I graduated three years ago
trying to sleep with everyone I see

What type of music do you like to listen to?
Dave Matthews
British punk rock
music from my native land
a capella

What do you do in your spare time?
army training
try and save the world
playing my guitar
apple picking
play on my computer
teaching the world to sing

What did you study in school?
American studies
war studies
didnít finish school

Which location is most like where you grew up?
New York

Do you drink?
no, but I like watching others get drunk
no, Iím not old enough so I wonít
sure, I love going to frat parties
I can always enjoy a good mixed drink or aged wine
no, itís against my religion
it is my religion
I enjoy a good beer at the local pub

Are you a virgin?
thatís very personal
yes, but I have done everything else
only had sex once
I like to make love
no, but I wish more women would sleep with me
I get it on every night with a different girl

What is your family life like?
my father is an airplane pilot and my mother is a stewardess, you do the math
my parents smoke up with me
my parents are so close when they met they had the same last name
my family life is just peachy
my parents donít speak English so they canít relate to me
my mother babies me
my mother is very protective of me

What is your best pick up line?
"Wanna see my cool new dance moves?"
"Would you mind if I put my hand on your chest?"
"Iím not drunk, I always act this way."
I donít need one, the girls hit on me.
I donít have a line, I just look deep into their eyes
"Hello lady!"
"I want the sex, give me the sex."

(Coding tricks stolen from the Which Royal Tenenbaums character are you? test - which of course was stolen from someone else.)